Our Products

All our products are registered in National Agency of Drugs & Foods Controls (Badan POM) and Halal MUI


Registered by BPOM

We make All products are registered with BPOM, so they are safe to use.


Registered by HALAL MUI

The process of making ingredients and products has been tested in Halal MUI, so all products are halal

Our Distributor


PT Araya Distriversa Lestari is a distribution company that was founded in 2000, has a main brand in the form of Claresta which is an Indonesian cosmetics registered by BPOM.

Here are some

Our Facilities

Research Application. The scientists job are very important to do consideration in developing formulation about how, who, and where the finished goods will go.

Research & Development. We are able to do research and develop the formula to create innovative products that meets the applicable requirements of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), Halal (MUI), and fulfill customers expectation.

Production. We have large of production capacity and always consistent about the quality of each products,

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We are keen on creating a high quality product for anyone with a sense of style! We develope our product having our customers in mind and we never disappoint!